High School Marching Band Performs Music from Destiny, Gets Bungie’s Attention

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The Guyer High School Wildcat Marching Band performs music fromDestiny during a district marching band competition, catching the attention of developer Bungie in the process.

In a nearly 8-minute long performance, the Guyer High School Wildcat Marching Band from Texas performed their rendition of music from Destiny. Choosing to perform music from the Destiny soundtrack is not only an intriguing choice, but a risky one: the performance will help to determine whether the band carries on from The Golden Triangle Classic district competition to the regional competition.

While the results of the competition haven’t been posted yet, it would appear that the band’s performance at least paid off in getting the attention of Destiny‘s developer, Bungie. After viewing a recording of the performance on the marching band’s official YouTube Channel, Bungie sent out a tweet showing how impressed they were with the musical tribute to their game.

Choosing to perform music from Destiny was a fun choice for a marching band, but it’s also not the first time that a marching band has performed video game music. Back in 2012, Ohio State University’s Marching Band surprised gamers with a stellar half-time performance based entirely on video game music. In addition to medleys from Tetris, Pokemon, and Halo, the band also created field formations replicating The Legend of Zelda‘s Triforce, Pikachu, and Halo‘s logo. Rather than confusion or embarrassment, the crowd eagerly cheered on the performance, proving just how many people love video games.

While video games may have started out with fairly tinny, basic music, its evolution over the years (and the nostalgia for the simpler tunes) has given rise to events like Video Games Live, Square Enix’s Distant Worlds, and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. These performances have played at massive venues to full houses, playing sweeping, fully orchestrated versions of the music that helped to make games great.

Music is a huge part of what makes games memorable to the player, and hearing the music of Destiny being performed by a high school marching band is a real treat. With a little luck, the band’s performance will impress their judges, too. In any case, the Guyer High School Wildcat band’s decision to playDestiny music during a competition that could make or break their chance at progressing is admirable and gutsy.






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