Metal Gear Online Players Get Apology Bonuses for Server Problems

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As an apology for Metal Gear Online‘s recent server problems and sub-par service, Konami rewards fans for their patience and loyalty with in-game bonuses.

As many fans will attest, Metal Gear Online‘s gotten off to a rocky start. After Metal Gear Online became available last week, players of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain‘s multiplayer component reported a number of problems ranging from a lack of public games to not being awarded XP in matches due to hosting issues. Today, Konami has addressed the issue with an apology, and by giving fans 3,000 GP (the in-game currency for purchasing items) in their accounts, as well as extending the XP boost promo code duration from two weeks to three weeks.

With these bonuses, Metal Gear Online players should start leveling up faster in no time. Regarding the difficulties that had been plaguing the multiplayer feature since it went live, Konami’s official statement on the matter reads as such:

“Since release, the game suffered frequent instances of difficulties maintaining an online connection, and other associated problems such as lag when switching between menu screens. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. The game is currently running in a much more stable manner, but to make amends for the frustrating difficulties users have dealt with so far, we have distributed bonus items, etc. to all users.”


Assuming that the above statements are more than just pandering from Konami, hopefully the company will put Metal Gear Online back on the right track so it can live up to high quality of the title’s story mode. As many are aware, the single player has been universally lauded, as the reviews have been commensurately positive.

Although Metal Gear Solid 5 is beloved by fans and critics alike, Konami has not received much praise as of late. Prior to this recovery attempt from Metal Gear Online‘s somewhat botched launch, the publisher has been doing damage control in the press for what seems like the past year.

For starters, Hideo Kojima’s and Konami’s split riled many fans up in support of the Metal Gear franchise’s creator, which subsequently was followed by Julien Merceron’s high-profile resignation from the company. Apparently, the former worldwide technology director at Konami and Fox Engine developer quit due to rumors of the publisher shifting its focus from AAA console titles to mobile games, of which Konami denies will happen.


Not to mention, the publisher’s decision to cancel Silent Hills not only miffed hordes of gamers, but it also caused great consternation in the game’s co-director Guillermo del Toro. On top of all these woes, a recently released work environment report from Nikkei suggests Konami is a terrible place to be employed, and that its conditions have been worsening for years.

While Konami’s recent offerings to amend their relationship with fans over Metal Gear Online‘s initial complications are commendable, it may merely be a Band-Aid to a much larger problem—that is, the company’s disreputable track record. After all, there’s honestly no telling whether or not Metal Gear Online will encounter similar snags in the future, and fans can only take the publisher at their word.





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