How To Play Nintendo Games On Your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Running iOS 9 Without Jailbreaking

nds4ios Emulator

After years of keeping its games exclusive to its consoles and portables, Nintendo will release its first official game for iOS in March 2016. If you want to play Nintendo DS games on your iOS 9 iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch without jailbreaking, here’s a guide on how to easily install the nds4ios Nintendo emulator.

Jailbreaking iOS devices has been hugely popular because it removes the shackles Apple has placed on its devices and allows you to do things with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that Apple has forbidden. Whether it’s changing the look of iOS by using themes, adding tweaks and features from talented developers or being able to play all your favorite video games via the selection of emulators available to jailbroken devices, new doors are opened to iPhone owners who take the plunge, but there are risks to jailbreaking your device.

Jailbreaking an iOS device voids the warranty and in the very rare instance of somehow bricking your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and needing to bring it to Apple for repair, don’t expect to get the same treatment as you would if you brought in a non-jailbroken device. The good news is, you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS 9 device to install a Nintendo DS emulator and relive all your favorite games.

Redmond Pie has put together a super simple step-by-step guide on how to easily install the Nintendo DS emulator nds4ios on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 9.

Step 1: Open up Safari on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and enter into the address bar and press Go on the keyboard.

Step 2: You’ll see a popup letting you know that would like to install “nds4ios.” Tap the Install button.

Step 3: Press the Home button and wait until nds4ios finishes installing on your device.

Step 4: Open up the Settings app, tap General, and tap Profiles. You’ll see a new profile that starts with “Guangdong.” Tap it and then tap Trust when prompted. The nds4ios emulator is now installed and ready to use.

You’ll need to find your own ROMs to install and your favorite search engine should point you in the right direction.

Step 5: Once you’ve got your favorite Nintendo DS games, you’ll need to open iTunes, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and select it from the device list. Tap on Apps, which is located below the Summary tab. You’ll then need to scroll down to the File Sharing section and tap on “nds4ios.”

Step 6: Locate the .nds files for the games you want to install and drag and drop them into the “nds4ios Documents” area.

You are now ready to open up nds4ios from your Home screen. Tap the top left menu and select “ROM List” if it doesn’t automatically open. You should now see all the DS games you installed and you can now play all your favorite Nintendo DS games on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.