IBM Adds New Cloud Data Services To Bluemix

IBM announced that is has added over 25 new service to its Cloud Data Services portfolio for developers and data scientists that help to move, analyze and build data in the cloud. The services are now available on IBM’s Cloud Platform, called Bluemix.

These hybrid cloud services are designed around open source technologies and can be deployed across multiple cloud providers and vendors. The services provide self-service capabilities for data preparation, migration and integration, as well as tools for modeling and advanced data analysis.

“Data is the common thread within the enterprise, regardless of where its source might be. In the past, data handlers have relied on disparate systems for data needs, but our goal is to move data into the future by providing a one-stop shop to access, build, develop and explore data,” said Derek Schoettle, General Manager, Analytics Platform and Cloud Data Services.

One of the new cloud data services is IBM Compose Enterprise, which is a managed platform that helps quickly deploy production-ready, open source databases on the customer’s own dedicated cloud servers.

Another new service is IBM Predictive analytics. This service offers easy to build machine learning models from an existing library into applications so developers can create accurate use case predictions, without requiring the complex work a data scientist might typically be needed for.

The IBM Analytics Exchange is a new open data exchange built around publicly accessible datasets that can be used for analysis, or integrated directly into the customer’s applications.

Finally, the new IBM Graph service is another case of IBM leveraging Apache Spark. This fully managed graph database is built on Apache TinkerPop, offering a complete stack for development of apps with IoT, real-time recommendations, fraud detection and network analysis.


[Source:- Tomsitpro]