Increasing Enterprise Application Performance with Route Optimization

Many mission-critical applications in use by enterprises today, such as Big Data analytics platforms, financial trading applications, SaaS-based services, retail, ecommerce, and online gaming applications, hosting environments, and video collaboration tools, can falter noticeably with latency, which can lead to lost revenue and productivity, as well as frustrated customers.

Just two seconds of delay in website performance means 4 percent fewer customer conversions, according to an Aberdeen Group report, “Optimizing the Performance of Web Applications.” Additionally, a Compuware survey conducted by Vanson Bourne revealed that 58 percent of enterprises are slowing their adoption of cloud-based applications because of performance concerns.

Poor performance, latency and jitter can have even more drastic consequences for cutting-edge technologies — for example, in fields like telesurgery, where even a millisecond of lag would be extremely dangerous.


[Source:- ITbusinessedge]