Twistlock Container Security Suite Announced With Google Cloud Support

Twistlock announced the general availability of a container security solution that can scan your Docker and Kubernetes environments in both image registries and at runtime. The Twistlock Container Security Suite addresses one of the most central and recurring issues across enterprises starting to adopt containers in their development process.

As containers start to make their entrance into an enterprise, they are usually championed by developers for their application isolation capabilities and the amount of control that containers offer. However, as containers and the applications that they hold make their way out of the development environment and towards production, Operation and Security teams often find that they have been left behind, with less visibility into the applications that they support and any potential vulnerabilities that they may be susceptible to which could put the organization at risk.

Twistlock helps to address this scenario by performing a comprehensive vulnerability scan and assessment on both containers in a registry and during runtime. The vulnerability scanning doesn’t stop just at the container level but can penetrate through the veil to examine the underlying Linux distribution, application frameworks in use, and even the custom-developed application code. Other key features of the Twistlock Container Security Suite included user-access analytics and activity monitoring to create an active defense against containers that have been compromised.

In addition to reporting anomalies and vulnerabilities, the active defense that Twistlock provides can stop network activities or shut down containers entirely if they are violating policy, or prevent misconfigured containers from starting at all.

Twistlock is now available for your Docker and Kubernetes environments directly from within theGoogle Cloud Platform. Twistlock for Google Cloud Platform provides many of the same options as the Twistlock Container Security Suite for customers running the Google Container Engine (GCE).

Getting started with Twistlock is easy. If you’re already using Google Cloud for running your container environment, use the Google Cloud Launcher to deploy Twistlock Console and Registry Scanner. If you’re not using the Google Container Engine, you can learn more and get started with a free trial.

The trial software is not limited by time, but it is limited by the number of hosts that it can scan. Thus, you can start with a small environment and let it grow with you as your environment scales to meet your needs.


[Source:- tomsitpro]