‘League Of Legends’ Wants You To Play Nice By Banning Toxic Players From New Crafting And Loot System

League Of Legends

In a bid to wipe out “toxic behavior,” Riot Games, the developer ofLeague of Legends, has decided to lock negative gamers out of its upcoming crafting and loot system.

In the past, Riot Games already implemented ways to combat toxic players. These include the establishment of a reward system for its reformed gamers and the use of machine learning to auto-moderate games. The latest move is anticipated to further boost Riot Games’ fight against toxic players.

“If you’re a player who is punished for toxicity or intentional feeding or so on, you can’t get loot,” says Jeffrey Lin, the lead game designer of social systems.

Players who are constantly tagged for unfavorable behavior are not going to nab any drops. Lin, however, says that Riot Games is still presently ironing out particulars of when the accounts of toxic players are going to be blocked.

Lin says they want the crafting and loot system to be a reward exclusively for nice players. He reveals  this is very first time Riot Games is giving away skins for free. To put it simply, this is the developers’ way to compensate positive gamers “just for playing the game and being awesome.”

Riot Games has never done banning negative gamers from accessing the whole system before. The developer wants to look into the global sentiment and suggestions concerning its latest move.

The developer has yet to disclose the release date of its new crafting and loot system. Lin assures, though, that it is on top of the list of Riot Games.

Previously, the developer said it was focusing on what it calls the most significant update it intends to incorporate in League of Legends in the coming year,.

Part of this plan is to feature keys and chests dropping every after completed game. The keys will be used to open up the chests, which will then show off new rewards, including seven-day rentals for new characters. Furthermore, new character skins will be given away to gamers.