Playbrush Turns Brushing Your Teeth Into A Video Game


If you really want to prevent your kid from getting cavities, consider the Playbrush, a toothbrush that gives children an extra incentive for keeping their teeth clean by turning the whole enterprise into a video game.

The Playbrush isn’t actually an entire toothbrush, but rather a bottom-fitted device that can attach to the lower half of any kid’s regulation teeth-cleaner. Targeted toward children between the ages of five and 10, the fact that the Playbrush detaches also adds a bonus: it can be shared between multiple siblings.

The brush works with the help of sensors that pick up on the user’s brushing movement and general patterns, which contribute to their overall success in the brush-activated game. The game itself, called Utoothia, is an app for both Android and iOS, which will be accessible for download on Dec. 15.

At $51, the Playbrush is now available for preorder in the US, the EU, and Canada for purchase.