Man Arrested After Stealing Video Games and Urinating on Walmart Floor

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A police report states that John Garvin attempted to steal video games from a Walmart in Tennessee, was caught, and then proceeded to urinate on the floor.

When one is caught shoplifting video games, it is probably best to own up to it and pay the piper – or, you know, never do it to begin with. Most people probably wouldn’t proceed to urinate all over the floor of the establishment that they just attempted to rip off, that’s for sure, but John Garvin of Murfreesboro, Tennessee isn’t most people.

Garvin, along with an unnamed female accomplice, attempted to steal nearly $500 worth of video games from the Murfreesboro Walmart on Saturday, February 13th. His plot was foiled by a loss prevention officer, who took the couple into an isolated office room while they waited for the proper authorities to arrive. The police report doesn’t clarify whether Garvin was just attempting to steal actual video games, or video game hardware like a PS4 or Xbox One as well.

According to the police report, it was at that point that Garvin proceeded to urinate inside the office. This action caused Garvin to be slapped with an additional indecent exposure charge on top of shoplifting. It’s unclear if Garvin did it out of anger for being caught, or if there was some other reason for his public urination. In any case, Garvin will have his day in court on April 28th.

Man Arrested After Stealing Video Games and Urinating on Walmart Floor - John Garvin mugshot

This is very strange behavior, but stranger still is the fact that it’s not even the first case of video game-related retail chain store urination that has occurred in the past couple of months. In fact, a Pennsylvania man was arrested just last month for peeing on video games inside of a Target store. Unlike John Garvin, the unnamed suspect in the Target incident had no interest in stealing anything, and seemed to have no other motive besides ruining video games and video game accessories with his bodily fluids.

With two of these incidents occurring in as many months, one has to question what spurred on the actions by the individuals involved. It could be anything – drug use, mental illness, or maybe just a penchant for deviant behavior. Whatever the case may be, let’s just be thankful that it doesn’t seem to occur on days like Black Friday, where many more people would be traumatized.

What do you think about the unseemly behavior by John Garvin? Why do you think people keep mixing urine and video games at large retail stores? Is it the fluoride in the water? Sound off in the comments below and leave us your thoughts on this bizarre incident.