The Division’s Open Beta Trailer Shows Off New Mission

The Division’s open beta starts this week, and to mark the launch, Ubisoft has released a new trailer that highlights some of the content players will get to try out, including a new mission.

The open beta starts on Xbox One tomorrow, February 18, before launching for PS4 and PC a day later. Below are download links for the console versions, while the PC executable is available here.

  • Xbox One (23.08 GB)
  • PS4 (24.3 GB)

The Division’s open beta will include all the content from the closed beta as well as an “all-new story mission” called Subway Morgue, during which you’ll encounter the faction known as The Cleaners.

Everyone who takes part in the beta will receive a “special in-game reward” for the full game when it arrives on March 8.

If you played The Divison’s closed beta, your progress will not carry over to the open beta. However, you can use the same installation, provided you haven’t already deleted it. For more on everything changing from the closed beta to the open beta,check out the patch notes here.


[Source:- gamerant]