• Meizu officially confirms secondary display on Meizu Pro 7

    Meizu has been careful enough to not reveal any features of the Meizu Pro 7. While we have heard numerous rumors about the device in the past few months, those lacked any proper evidence to back up their claims. Now, Meizu’s latest post on Weibo has kind of confirmed the most talked-about expected feature on the Meizu Pro 7.

    Yes, we are referring to the secondary display on its rear panel. The teaser posted by the official account of Meizu is clearly hinting towards the E-ink screen of the upcoming smartphone. Well, truth to be told, we were already certain that the device will come with the said feature. Nevertheless, it is always good to have the official confirmation. As far as the functionality of this secondary screen is concerned, it is likely to show notifications for missed calls, SMS, chat messages along with date and time. Besides this, it can be used to play games as well.

    While the concept of this secondary display sounds good on paper, its usability will decide the fate of the Meizu Pro 7. We say this as many companies have failed miserably while experimenting with a new design. For example, LG tired a modular design on the LG G5 for to give it a unique look. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. So only time will tell, how customers will accept the Meizu Pro with its E-ink display.


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