‘Metal Gear Solid V’s’ Secret Nuclear Disarmament Event Isn’t So Secret Anymore: Konami Reveals Details

Metal Gear Solid V

Konami has figured out a way to get rid of the world’s nuclear weapons in Metal Gear Solid V — have players band together to unlock a not-so-secret mission.

In the game, Metal Gear Solid V players in The Phantom Pain use nuclear weapons as the ultimate deterrent in their Forward Operating Base (FOB) mode to ensure that no other players can invade their stronghold and steal their things.

Otherwise, while other than the most heroic of players ultimately fail trying to grab an opposing player’s nukes, the player whose stronghold remains standing continues to rake in points. As a result, it’s more easily said than done to have every single player in the Metal Gear Solid V universe to either give up their nukes or have all players go heroic and dismantle other players’ nuclear arms.

But the rumors are true, that there is in fact a special event that occurs when all players in a given console region band together to remove nukes from the game. Now, Konami wants to help players achieve that goal as it has released all the conditions that must be met in order for the special event to take place.

To participate, players must:

  •  Complete Mission 31.
  •  Not own or be developing a nuclear weapon.
  •  Certain conditions related to “nuclear proliferation” must be met on the regional server on a player’s corresponding gaming platform (such as PlayStation 4 or PC, for example)
  •  All nuclear weapons on a given regional server must have been dismantled.

Should these nearly impossible conditions be met, Metal Gear Solid V players will be gifted with something. No one knows exactly, actually. Nonetheless, some are hypothesizing that whatever will be unlocked has been discovered — an eight-minute long cutscene that celebrates the end of all nukes in the game which is already on YouTube. On the other hand, the more hopeful think a new chapter may be unlocked with an alternate ending to the game’s currently abrupt ending.

Regardless, Konami’s revelations seem to be helping rid the games of nukes. By Nov. 1, for example, there were 2,761 nuclear weapons in play on the PS4. By Nov. 25, that number dwindled down to just 352 nuclear weapons. The same rate of drops have been observed on all major gaming platforms for the game on PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC via Steam over the same period of time.

By year’s end, who knows, Metal Gear Solid V players may have just done the unthinkable and unlocked for themselves a nice holiday treat — if they can all still work together.