New ‘Destiny’ Quest A Tale Of Two Guardians Leaked With New Emotes, Legendary Weapons And Refer-A-Friend


Bungie’s promise to produce new content for Destiny: The Taken King is coming to fruition as details about the game’s new quest, A Tale of Two Guardians, have emerged.

The brand new mission is expected to benefit from the Refer-a-Friend program which Bungie previously announced and will bring in legendary weapons and emotes.

Details have been leaked out by Destiny DB Tracker, suggesting that, along with the new emotes and legendary weapons, gamers will also get hold of a variety of rewards, including primary telemetry, special telemetry and heavy telemetry.

The new quest will also come with a new ghost shell called Iron Shell, plus new perks, such as additional glimmer, increased bonuses, extractors and sensors. Veteran gamers who might want to consider helping newbies in the game will also be treated with an all-new reputation package, offering more rewards for them as soon as the package is released.

The developer, however, has yet to provide additional details on the particular drops the new quest has in store for gamers.

Those who would like to succeed in A Tale of Two Guardians should need to deal with these missions:

– Comrades in Arms (finish a story mission together with a Linked Friend)

– Wanderers (finish Patrols along with a Linked Friend)

– Forged in Fire (win a Crucible match with a Linked Friend)

– Our Own Story (get to Level 40, after which go back to the Tower to speak with the Speaker)

– Pushing Back the Darkness (finish the Daily Heroic Story quest together with a Linked Friend)

– Heroic Challenges (finish a Heroic Strike together with a Linked Friend)

– Lighting the Night (finish the Weekly Nightfall Strike along with a Linked Friend)

 – More Tales to Tell (speak with the Speaker in the Tower)

– Rumor has it that the new quest, alongside the other new perks, will start rolling out on Monday, Nov. 23.

In the meantime, another rumor has been churning about the arrival of the Destiny 2, which could be announced early next year. It could also land on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before the end of 2016.