‘World Of Tanks’ Launching In Open Beta For PS4 On Dec. 4

World of Tanks_900x600

World of Tanks wants to fire its guns on PS4 and needs you to join the platoon and radio in your input. Wargaming’s title has an open beta weekend scheduled between Dec. 4 and Dec. 6.

All you have to do is download the free game on PlayStation 4 and roll out in a tank of your choice.

For those unfamiliar with mechanized armor games, World of Tanks is the most popular tank action/MMO/shooter that allows players to engage in engrossing 15 vs. 15 battles.

You start by selecting which nation you want as your tank manufacturer (the United States, Russia, Germany, China, etc.). Then, you select one vehicle that fits into one of five categories: light tank, medium tank, heavy tank, artillery or tank destroyer. Once you decide what type of armor you want to drive, just throw yourself into battle. The matchmaking is quick and balanced, at least for the PC version.

Matches where your team wins give you a lot of points that can be used to upgrade the tank or buy new vehicles from the same family. The points can be invested in supplies for the crew, better equipment or various items such as camouflage nets.

The map variety is huge, ranging from barren deserts to dense cities.

All open beta testers will keep their achievements, experience and obtained tanks after the Dec. 4-6 weekend. To increase the players’ motivation to enter the beta, Wargaming offers a unique PS4 premium tank sporting a PlayStation-themed skin right after download. For playing during the weekend, gamers will get an M22 Locust premium tank encrusted with a special emblem. The vehicle is a prominent scout and is really fun to play, the developers say.

The PlayStation 4 variant of World of Tanks promises to offer exclusive content at the official launch, such as earnable free “Girls und Panzer” stuff. The largest map designed for the tank battling game will come directly and exclusively to PS4, alongside another surprise map.

“Huge monthly releases of more maps and tanks” will come straight to the PS4 variant of World of Tanks, according to a post by TJ Wagner, the Project Lead at Wargaming.

Not only is World of Tanks one of the best implemented armored vehicle combat games, but it also is entirely free to play.

Gamers that take a trip to the PlayStation Experience 2015 have a chance to play World of Tanks on PS4 at the event, and there are even special prizes for those who do.