nGenx nWorkspace Application Catalog Grows To 1,800

NGenx announced that the catalog of cloud applications accessible through the nWorkspacesoftware now surpasses 1,800. The nGenx nFinity nWorkspace is a Workspace-as-a-Service solution that allows a consistent look and feel across multiple devices while connecting users to applications from anywhere. Other features of the nGenx nFinity nWorkspace suite include file management utilities for storing and archiving documents to the cloud and nFinity Drive for managing file synchronization and sharing between teams and external users.

Part of the allure of using the nFinity nWorkspace is the ability to simplify the application distribution and licensing of client software, freeing up the IT workers to focus more of their attention on the forward-looking projects instead of doing the endless “coal shoveling.” Users of the Cloud Workspace Suite, for instance, don’t need an IT staff to install a copy of Adobe Photoshop onto each device. Instead, they can run it themselves from the nFinity Workspace and access it from their desktop, laptop, or both.

Software in the nFinity workspace application catalog can be enabled for customers through administrative control panels. The catalog includes most applications that companies want their employees using, ranging from browsers and utilities to full blown application suites like Microsoft Office or Goldmine CRM.

Some of the applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, are already cloud-enabled applications made available through the workspace, almost like a gateway. However, in some cases, such as with Goldmine CRM, nGenx will work closely with the software companies to help get their software ready for the cloud. After making the application ready for cloud distribution, it’s added to the catalog of applications and is ready for nFinity CWS customers.

For software vendors with established desktop catalogs, the advantage in working with nGenx comes from having using them to cut the development time for the cloud operations drastically.


[Source:- Tomsitpro]