Box And Salesforce Release New Developer Tools

“Solutions from Box and Salesforce are helping enterprises move to the cloud, scale their business, and deepen their relationships with customers, partners and developers,” said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box. “We’re incredibly excited to expand into the next phase of innovation with Salesforce and deliver new tools that allow joint customers to leverage the content they work with on a regular basis in Box, directly from Salesforce.”

At the simplest level, to create applications that integrate data and solutions from both Salesforce and Box, there needs to be a way for Salesforce to access files stored in Box, and a way for Box to connect to Salesforce. The former is called Salesforce Files Connect for Box, and the latter is Box SDK for Salesforce.

Salesforce Files Connect for Box allows searching, browsing, sharing and collaborating on Box files from within the Salesforce platform, including mobile apps, customer records and Chatter feeds. All permissions and security settings of the files on Box are respected and untouched during this process. In this way, Box content can be connected directly to records, users and groups in Salesforce. Salesforce Files Connect for Box is scheduled to be in pilot in February 2016, with general availability currently set for Summer 2016.

Box SDK for Salesforce is a toolkit for developers. Using the new SDK, Salesforce developers can use Box APIs to connect with App Cloud apps. The Box SDK is written in Apex and allows developers to use Box content and collaboration features via the Box Platform Content API. This new SDK complements, but does not replace, the existing Box for Salesforce integration.

The Box SDK for Salesforce is available now, for free on Github. The SDK can be deployed directly to Salesforce Sandbox or Developer Org using Github’s Deploy to Sandbox button.


[Source:- Tomsitpro]