NTT Com to double UK datacentre footprint

NTT Com's new datacentre in Hemel Hampstead, northwest of London

NTT Com, the ICT-focused wing of NTT Corp. plans to build a new UK datacentre that according to the company will double the UK’s server room area.

Gyron Internet Limited, an NTT Com company will be constructing the new data centre at a large site near two other datacentres already in operation in Hemel Hampstead, northwest of London.

The new facility, which will go into operation in the spring of 2015, will provide approximately 10,000m2 of server room, and according to the company will more than double the total server room area in the UK.

NTT Com says that the new datacentre will be the first in the UK to offer a chillerless cooling system, creating about 30 per cent more energy capacity without expanding the power supply, and achieves a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of under 1.2, placing it among the most energy efficient datacentres in the UK. It will use rainwater for its air conditioning, generate solar electricity to power its stacks and use the heat from the server room to warm the building during the winter.

The new datacentre will be built to Tier III specs but says that it has created a modular datacentre design that will allow customers to upgrade to a Tier IV – fully redundant – architecture if needed.

The new datacentre will be used to address what the company sees as growing demand for hybrid cloud and colocation services, and says the market is growing at a rate of 20 per cent over last year. It will also be used extend NTT Com’s enterprise cloud services to UK and European customers.






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