Rogers Communications acquires Pivot, Granite Networks to strengthen cloud portfolio

Rogers has acquired a total of 10 datacentres this year as the company moves to strengthen its portfolio of cloud and managed services

Canadian wireless and fixed line Rogers Communications made another big push into the cloud and hosting services market this week, acquiring Pivot Data Centres for $155m and Granite Networks for $6.25m in cash.

Pivot Data Centres and Granite Networks, both colocation, datacentre and managed services providers will become part of the Rogers Business Solutions division, which sells networking solutions, cloud and managed services to enterprises. Both companies turn over a combined $30m per year.

The latest acquisition comes just months after the large telco purchased Blackiron Data, a provider of cloud and datacentre services, from Primus Telecomunications Group for $200m. That acquisition included eight Tier III datacentres spread across Canada in Toronto, Ottawa, London, Edmonton and Vancouver, bolstering Rogers Business Solutions’ cloud and datacentre portfolio.

Pivot Data Centres and Granite Networks add two more Tier III datacentres to the mix, and Pivot is also in the process of building out two new datacentres – bringing the total number of datacentres acquired by Rogers this year to 12.

Rogers chose Pivot Data Centres and Granite Networks because of the expandability of their datacentre infrastructure according to Blackiron Data president Ajay Byers. “Both organizations will enhance Rogers Business Solutions Blackiron Data offering as customers in key markets will now have access to expanded data capacity, managed and cloud service offerings,” Byers added.






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