It is possible to improve the JEE score by 10% in the last minute too!

JEE main and JEE advanced are considered to be the most prestigious exams in India. Any student who wishes to be an engineer will certainly take his complete efforts to crack the IIT JEE exams and to attain high scores.

The admission to the world renowned IITs are possible only through this entrance examination. Even if you want to get into NITs in India, You will have to pass the IIT JEE main exam. Aspiration and intention are not enough to bring out the beat in you, but the efforts you take does matter. You have to improve at least 1 percent each day to attain a good score in IIT JEE Exams. Let’s see how you can improve yourself each day by implying some simple learning hacks in day to day life.

Go through the formulae whenever you see the wall

This has proven to be a very effective means of revising formulas. You can write the formulas and important theories in white paper with a nice pen and then can paste it on the wall of your room. So whenever you look at the wall, the formulae just strikes your eyes and you can keep on reminding yourself about the theorems and formulas. You can keep a copy of those summaries as short notes on your pocket diary. So you will be involuntarily revising the important formulas inside and outside the room. This reduces the effort to rake books and will save the time taken to sort out the formulas from multiple books. Always consider these short notes as the key to the admission at NIT colleges in India

Explore the paths travelled

While studying you should have a clear idea about the questions being asked and the important topics that are asked frequently. To understand the same, you can collect the previous year’s question papers and can work on it. This mode of learning will

  • Make you understand the type of questions
  • Realise how much you have studies
  • Identify important topics
  • Summarise the content.

When you practice with old question papers, follow all the instructions and try to solve the questions within the time limit. Thus rather than improving the knowledge, you can improve your confidence and time management as well. Even if you struggle with IIT JEE advanced registration, these hacks will help you to get a seat in colleges with descent NIT rankings

Improve the calculation power

It is always advised that the candidates should be familiar with shortcuts to solve problems in an easy way. Even though the calculators are allowed, the best ways of preparing for the IIT JEE exams are by practicing with hands. By doing so, you will get more speed and can cover more questions in less time. Practicing calculations will make the brain engaged and will improve the reasoning ability too.

Even though there are many proven shortcuts to solve the problems, each of you might be comfortable in your own ways. So solving in the most effective and comfortable way is the preferred way to deal with the situation.

Write, again and again

Rather than reading the answer and revising it on mind, always write them in paper and study. The involvement of eyes and hands together will help to register the same on your memory deeply. Writing had proven to be a very effective method of revising and reminding things. You can keep the written recorded s for reference also. The problems also have to be solved using a paper and pen so that the calculation speed improves .Even if you feel that you are having speed and accuracy in calculations, the skill will improve with consistent practice only.

Concentrate on health

A healthy body can only give a healthy result. If you want to study energetically and prepare with enthusiasm, your body should also cooperate. So take care of the body. Eat well and take adequate rest. Take little walks or go for a small jog each, morning and take small breaks between studies. Such that your mind and body will stay fresh and your brain could absorb more information. A fresh brain will absorb like a sponge. Keep it spongy by keeping it relaxed.

Quick points while attending exams

  • Attend the well known questions first
  • Read the entire question before attempting
  • Note down the values to calculate into the rough sheet before calculation
  • Don’t spend too much time on unknown questions
  • Better to leave the questions that you are not sure about
  • Read the question at least thrice before answering

By assuring that you are following each point every day, you will be improving yourself at least by 1 percent per day. This will reflect in the JEE results as a minimal growth graph of 10 percent. This will assure you to get on to one of the top private engineering colleges in India Keep practicing, Keep growing!