Psyonix Could Bring ‘Rocket League’ To The Xbox One This Year

Rocket League Xbox One

Rocket League could be making its way to the Xbox One soon enough, as developer Psyonix intends to port the indie game to other platforms before the year ends.

As part of a partnership with Sony, Rocket League initially rolled out as a free PlayStation Plus title, where it is currently available only on the PC and PlayStation 4. With the game’s interesting concept and difficult-to-master mechanics, gamers on other platforms have been clamoring for it.

“We’re looking at all kinds of platforms and there may be some announcements coming up at some point. Hopefully before the end of the year, but I can’t confirm that,” Dave Hagewood, Psyonix CEO and studio director, says in an interview with Red Bull.

Hagewood’s recent statement backs up Psyonix marketing and communications VP Jeremy Dunham’s announcement back in August.

“[W]e are definitely bringing Rocket League to additional platforms. We’ll have an official announcement of what platforms those are (and when) a little further down the line,” Dunham tells GameSpot.

Also, Dunham elaborates that the reason why the game was launched only on the PC and PlayStation is that they had a small team at the time, counting eight to 12 developers then.

“We’re now in a position that we can expand our team. We are absolutely, 100 percent going to other platforms. What those platforms are and when we’ll come to them, I don’t know yet,” Dunham told GameZone in August.

With the two Psyonix honchos looking at extending Rocket League‘s reach, it’s probably safe to say that the soccer-car mashup will land on all our platforms in due time — still with fingers crossed, though.

On top of that, if we take a look at the stats, there’s no reason why Psyonix wouldn’t want Rocket League to arrive on other platforms, as the indie title has gone beyond five million downloads on the PC and PlayStation 4, with more than 1 million downloads via Steam. The game developer also regularly updates the title, adding in free features and a ton of DLC.