Rainbow Six Siege Teases Japanese Operator as Future DLC

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The Ubisoft Japan Twitter account reveals an image of a Japanese operator coming to Rainbow Six Siege sometime later this year when season four kicks off for players.

Despite a couple of issues at launch last December, Rainbow Six Siege has proven to be a popular entry in the long running series pitting two teams of five against each other in elimination style matches. Operation Black Ice, the first season for the game also just kicked off earlier this week adding a new map into the mix along with various weapon skins and two new operators from the Canadian Joint Task Force. Thanks to a recently released concept art, fans may have gotten another look at an upcoming character for Rainbow Six Siege.

The image comes from Ubisoft Japan, who posted the sneak peak on their Twitter account revealing a single operator standing in the rain holding an assault rifle. The operator very clearly has the Japanese flag displayed on his left arm while also wearing a samurai-esque mask over their nose and mouth. While the description is in Japanese, roughly translated, it tells fans that the operator is part of the Japanese Special Assault Team and that additional details will follow closer to release.

Siege Road Map

It’s also worth noting that based on Ubisoft’s own downloadable release schedule, any potential Japanese Special Assault Team operators won’t be added until later this year when season four kicks off sometime in October. According to the graphic, season two will feature new operators from the United States, while season three will be getting Brazilian operators in July. Considering that season one was delayed by roughly a month, it’ll be interesting to see if the release schedule for the other three content packs have been pushed back as well.

Operator leaks are becoming quiet common for Rainbow Six Siege as both Frost and Buck, the two operators included in Operation Black Ice leaked early thanks to promotional materials released from Ubisoft Mexico. While most leaks tend to happen from over eager players or dataminers, so far, all of the early looks at post-launch content for Siege have come internally from Ubisoft themselves.

In addition to the new content, Ubisoft has made sure to continually improve the experience for players through fixing various bugs, glitches, and other reported issues. With the launch of season one, one of the biggest complaints from players has finally been addressed, allowing players to clearly see what game type they’re participating in when selecting what operator to play as. Certain operators such as Fuze are at a disadvantage when playing the hostage mode as his cluster grenade ability can accidentally and easily kill the hostage that the team is supposed to be saving.

What do you think of the new operator? What sort of operators would you like to see added to season two and three of the game?


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