Recover your lost files instantaneously with EaseUS data recovery software

Data recovery software have been on a steady rise in the recent times. People are losing their data more often than ever and under these circumstances, data recovery software have been getting more and more used. These software allow for a person to recover their lost files from a number of situation such as virus attacks, corrupted files, OS crash, hardware failure etc.

EaseUS is one of the most popular data recovery  software, being used by users from all across the world. It has gotten a high rating from most of its users, and is available in different packages. The software is available for free, whoever, if you are not satisfied with limited support, you can upgrade to a more advanced version with more features and better technical support.


The premium version of the software is divided into three different parts. These are the professional package, Pro+WE package and the Technician version. Each of these come with their own advantages over the others and can be used for both personal and business purposes. All of these packages come together with lifetime support at a competitive price. The more casual users can easily get the free version of the software and utilize all normal features.

The software is customized to be as effective as possible. As soon as the software starts up, it asks the user for the file type the user wants to search for. Without wasting any further time, as soon as the user chooses the file type, the software asks for the drive where it has to search it. All this process cuts down the time involved in the search procedure by filtering the location and file type.

Aside from the effective search procedures, the software boasts of an interact interface, where each thing is displayed in a simplistic and graphical manner. The interface is solidly built and feels like a part of the OS. It closely resembles the Windows graphic, making it much more comfortable to use.

Search Modes

Additionally, the file recovery software makes use of two types of search modes to recover deleted files, namely quick scan and deep scan. Both modes come with their own advantages and short coming. When a user first initiates a scan, the quick scan is automatically started. The quick scan mode does a quick scan of the location and searches for files that have been recently deleted, or emptied from the recycle bin. The quick scan mode does not take much time and is pretty fast, if you wish to simply recover a lost file from a week ago.

In contrast to this, deep scan mode does a thorough search of the location in search of the file. It searches in the memory for any lost files that can be recovered. This mode can be initiated if your desired file did not appear in the quick scan mode. This mode takes a bit more time than quick scan mode as it thoroughly searches through each location.