Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ Drop Tests Show They Are Tougher Than iPhone X, Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ Drop Tests Show They Are Tougher Than iPhone X, Galaxy S8

Samsung claims that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ feature 20 percent thicker glass protection and a stronger 7-series aluminium frame, compared to their predecessors. A new drop test video puts that claim to the test. The video finds that despite being breakable, the Galaxy S9 models are more durable than the last year’s Galaxy S8 and iPhone X. Another video on YouTube compares the ruggedness of the Galaxy S9+ with the iPhone X to help you pick the strongest between the two. Notably, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ sport a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 that is touted to have survived up to 80 percent of internal tests when dropped face-down from up to 1.6 metres.

SquareTrade has released the less than one-and-a-half-minute drop test video that shows two drop test rounds of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ – from the back and front. Each drop test was conducted from a height of six feet. Also, the Galaxy S9 bent at 230 pounds, while the Galaxy S9+ bent 210 pounds. Both apparently survived the bent tests but cracked in a 60-second tumble test.

The backdown drop test of the Galaxy S9 resulted in its shattered glass panel alongside various starburst cracks and hairline cracks. Similar were the results when the Galaxy S9+ was dropped in the video from the six-feet height. In the facedown drop test, both Galaxy models received some cracks, while the front panel of the Galaxy S9+ shattered. With all these casualties, the Galaxy S9 received 71 breakability score by the SquareTrade team, whereas the Galaxy S9+ got 76 points. These scores are lower than the 76 and 77 points received by the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, respectively. Moreover, SquareTrade conducted the same tests on the iPhone X in which it was found to be the “most breakable iPhone ever”. The latest iPhone model received an overall breakability score of 90 – significantly higher than what the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have received this time.

Folks at PhoneBluff have also separately published a drop test video showing the side-by-side results of sudden drops on the Galaxy S9+ and the iPhone X. In a backdrop test, the iPhone X survived with some cracks, while the back glass panel of the Galaxy S9+ shattered badly. Similarly, a side test of the iPhone X and Galaxy S9+ showed the former as the winner, thanks to its stainless steel frame. A facedown drop test, contrarily, made the Galaxy S9+ the star of the testing video as its front panel turned out to be in a better condition than the one on the iPhone X, albeit both showed some cracks.

Samsung and Apple offer optional accidental damage cover for their flagships to give them some protection from drops. But that being said, it is recommended for users to always use these premium smartphones with a protective case and handle them with the utmost care.