Shenmue 3 Director Wants More Money for Gorgeous Visuals

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After becoming one of E3 2015’s big surprise reveals, die-hard fans of Shenmue 3 have made sure that the long-awaited title will be released no matter what happens. With more than 69,000 backers, the game’s crowd funding campaign has turned into a bona fide hit, becomingKickstarter’s most successful video game project in the website’s history. Nevertheless, the financing drive has ended, and the project’s final sum has reached a little over $6.3 million.

Yu Suzuki – Shenmue 3‘s creator and director – has been keen on getting the sequel off the ground for quite some time. As a matter of fact, it’s been a little over 14 years since the last installment in the series was released, for the game has been stuck indevelopment hell for an almost interminable period. Thankfully, the project will eventually see the light of day, but Suzuki says that if fans want the best product possible, his studio Ys Net is going to need more money.




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