Stacked Wireless Charger Lets Users Stack Multiple Batteries For A Simultaneous Charge

Stacked battery charger for iPhone

With wireless headphone use on the rise, it only makes sense that the next smart device-oriented wireless upgrade would be the battery charger, especially due to the hassle of what happens when your USB cable goes missing (read: a very dead smartphone). Not only does Stacked, a company based out of California, have you covered, but it has your friends and family’s smartphones covered, too.

The Stacked Power Pack harnesses magnetic technology and attaches itself via the compatible, soft-touch iPhone case to a given iPhone for a direct battery charge. According to the company website, it “efficiently [charges] your phone faster than any other method available.”

Each Power Pack takes about one hour until it has a full 2,750 mAh charge, the company says. To charge both the phone and the Power Pack unit at the same time, users place their phone inside its Stacked case on the AC wall plug with the battery pack attached to it. The phone charges first, then the battery pack (a specially formulated lithium polymer battery cell) charges, according to its web site. Each battery pack retails for around $58 and can provide one full charge per use.

The wall plug rendition of the Stacked pack offers a unique benefit: the ability to charge multiple battery packs — up to four — at the same time by stacking them laterally onto the (plugless) port, all wire-free.The battery packs, not the phone, charge and can be swapped out as needed.

There is a catch — the Stacked battery packs are only compatible with the iPhone 6/6S and the iPhone 6/6S Plus, and, as SlashGear pointed out, they do add a notable, additional heft to the standard Apple smartphone.