Star Wars Battlefront Beta Extended By 24 Hours

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DICE announces that they are keeping the Star Wars Battlefront beta up for an additional 24 hours in order to run further tests on the game’s infrastructure.

Good news for all the new Star Wars Battlefront fans as EA have announced their intentions to extend the beta of the sci-fi shooter until tomorrow, Tuesday, October 13th.

The currently running beta was initially scheduled to be taken down later on today but developer DICE have reportedly extended that deadline in order to test some of the more “extreme scenarios” of the game’s online infrastructure. However, DICE warns that this testing may result in some players experiencing occasional connection issues such as being kicked from the game over the beta’s remaining day.

The Star Wars Battlefront Community Manager, known as Sledgehammer70, stated:

“This is all being done in the name of shoring up our infrastructure before we launch on November 17th.”


He also claims that every time a player logs on to the beta, it helps DICE ensure that the Battlefrontexperience is going to be great upon the game’s release.

Star Wars Battlefront beta players are currently allowed limited access to 3 of the game’s maps with both online and offline play available. So far the game’s beta has received mixed reviews but with the Battlefront‘s launch in a little over a month, it’s possible that DICE will use the player feedback to help fix any issues that players are experiencing, as was the case with the Black Ops III beta.

However, many players appear to be having a good time with the beta, judging by the amount of response to the game online. Twitch streamers have had a consistent viewership in the thousands and many videos of amusing gameplay have surfaced, such as the recent “epic failure” including Luke Skywalker’s unfortunate demise to an AT-AT Walker.

The beta is also only a very limited look at what the full game will entail, with many features such as customization and the complete survival mode restricted to players for the moment. According to leaks, Battlefront‘s release will also see the inclusion of several additional Hero and Villain characterssuch as Han Solo and the Emperor.