‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Invincibility Glitch Makes Players Immortal

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Gamers waited for years to play a multiplayer shooter inspired from the Star Wars Universe, and Star Wars Battlefront gives them all that and more.

Many of George Lucas’ fans spend hours playing as Darth Vader or Han Solo, and as thrilling as that is, they are not the only game-changing characters. Early multiplayer battles showed a couple of John McClane players who don’t just die hard, but hardly die at all.

This has a massive impact on the balance of a game, as immortal gamers simply brush away damage and gain kill after kill, while also amassing impossibly high scores.

Such unkillable characters show immunity to all types of damage, ranged or melee. As Wired found out, some players even had a body count as high as 100 enemies in a fight that lasted ten minutes. It seems that the invulnerability comes into effect sometime during fights, because the juggernauts died a couple of times at the beginning of the match.

Forums of both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 saw a plethora of reports concerning players who are impervious to damage, and YouTube videos are there to show it. The most common map where the glitch happens is the ice moon of Hoth, but other areas saw it as well.

“Somehow turned invincible after my 12th death during a multiplayer match and ended up going 55-12. I saw the laser shots hitting me but I didn’t take any damage. Next game was back to normal,” user Inverted_Flat_Spin wrote on Reddit.

Most players state that they got the God mode after they crashed a ship or, as one video shows, after one player crashed a TIE fighter. Some pointed out that the invincibility glitch takes place completely at random.

This goes to underline that there is a slim chance that players deliberately cheat in order to become invulnerable. For gamers who get banned due to this, an EA forum exists where the issue can be discussed.

DICE, the game’s developer, is no stranger to buggy multiplayers, as its server load had a problem when the company launched Battlefield 4. To counter that, Star Wars Battlefront received a serious beta-testing period prior to its launch. Except for the unkillable soldier bug and a few minor “Xbox One players cannot join servers/matchmake” glitches, it seems that it succeeded.