Star Wars Battlefront Will Fix Walker Assault Balance

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DICE confirms plans to address the severe balancing issues found in Star Wars Battlefront‘s Walker Assault multiplayer match type, based on data collected from the beta.

While many enjoyed the recent Star Wars Battlefront open beta, it also revealed some glaring flaws with the game. One of the most notable flaws was the lack of balance in the Walker Assault match type, to the point that it was extraordinarily difficult for those playing as the Rebels to ever pick up a victory.

DICE has heard the complaints, and they will be using data collected from the beta to address the balancing issues within the Walker Assault game type. This is according to the lead multiplayer designer for Star Wars Battlefront, Dennis Brännvall of DICE, who said on Twitter, “Asymmetric modes are tricky and risky, but potentially awesome. That’s why we want beta test help.”

How exactly the Walker Assault match type will be tweaked remains to be seen. There’s a possibility that we won’t hear about the changes at all until the game actually drops next month, but if EA or DICE spill the beans before then, we’ll be sure to provide an update on this issue.

In the meantime, the extreme lack of balancing in the Walker Assault match type may have fans worried that the other game modes will have similar issues. After all, the beta only offered two different match types, those being Walker Assault and Drop Zone, whereas the final game will havenine modes in total. Who is to say that the others won’t also be unbalanced come launch day in November?

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If other unbalanced game modes are on deck for the launch of Battlefront next month, at least we know that DICE will take the steps necessary to rectify the problem. After all, Battlefield 4 released with a near-broken online multiplayer a couple of years ago, but DICE resolved those issues and the company still supports the game with updates and DLC to this day.

While we doubt Star Wars Battlefront will have quite as many problems as Battlefield 4 (the beta went off without a hitch, despite over 9 million players participating) did at launch, many are still cautious as a whole. Unless EA decides to surprise everyone with another beta for Battlefront before launch, we’ll ultimately have to take a “wait and see” approach with this issue.

What did you think of Walker Assault in Star Wars Battlefront? Are you worried that other multiplayer modes in the game will have balancing issues?





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