Grand Theft Auto 5 Recreates Classic Blink 182 Video

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A Grand Theft Auto 5 fan recreates one of pop-punk trio Blink 182’s classic music videos, casting Franklin, Michael, and Trevor as members of the band.

Today, YouTube channel “icanteven” posted a Grand Theft Auto 5 homage to rock band Blink 182’s music video “What’s My Age Again?” Using the Rockstar Video Editor, the game’s main protagonists, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor go on a streaking rampage throughout Los Santos, affronting almost every other Grand Theft Auto 5 character they encounter with fisticuffs, and of course, nudity.

Not only did the clip’s creator use Rockstar Games‘ official video software for the open world title, but they also applied several mods including Open IV, openCamera, Scene Director, and one that was explicitly made for making Franklin, Michael, and Trevor naked. Additionally, Simple Trainer & Menyoo were utilized in order to alter the title’s code and memory to allow for more editing freedom.

As seen below, the footage isn’t quite an exact reenactment. Numerous elements of the original Marcos Siega-directed music video are missing, including a lack of cutaways to the GTA 5 gang rocking out in their birthday suits with instruments, as well as the absence of a simulated version of adult actress and model Janine Lindemulder wearing the now-iconic nurse get-up from the Enema of the State album artwork. Nevertheless, there’s only so much one can do when attempting to translate a live-action recording to a video game mod without the use of a full-fledged studio and motion capture suits.


With today’s Blink 182 music video recreation being just one example of many, it’s obvious that the advent of mods have lent a breath of fresh air to the already two year old Grand Theft Auto 5. Not only can fans craft their own in-game objects like the mobile incline in BlackSmoke Billy’s trunk ramp stunt, but they can also write and direct unique stories. For instance, one gamer made a mini-narrative inspired by Bethesda’s popular post-apocalyptic RPG with a Fallout 4 PC mod, while another decided to imagine what Grand Theft Auto 6 could be like with a fake trailer.

Mods aside, Grand Theft Auto 5 is already jam-packed with content, especially since developers recently added Freemode Events to the title’s online multiplayer component a little less than a month ago. Taking all that can be done with GTA 5 into account, fans will more than likely continue to explore Los Santos for many more years to come.

What classic music video do you think should be redone inGrand Theft Auto 5 next? It would be incredibly challenging, but maybe we could see Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in theGTA 5 universe? Or perhaps someone with enough patience and mental fortitude should cast and edit in Trevor as Britney Spears for “…Baby One More Time”. What a time to be alive, indeed.





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