When to start using national SEO?

If you have been looking for ways to drive more customers to your business, then you have probably stumbled upon local SEO multiple times – and for a good reason.

Local SEO proves to be a cost-effective option for business owners who want to attract prospective customers in a particular area. But what if your business caters to a much wider audience? Or maybe you now have several branches across different locations? These cases call for a much-needed transition to national SEO.

Local vs National SEO: What’s the Difference?

As its name suggests, local SEO is geared toward businesses that offer products or services in a specific area. On the other hand, national SEO is used by businesses whose audience isn’t restricted to one location alone. Basically, the one you should choose primarily depends on your target market.

Although there’s a stark difference between the two, it’s worth noting that they share similarities as well. The basic principles of SEO can be seen in both strategies including content marketing and link building.

Should You Start the Transition?

The transition from local SEO to national SEO can prove to be time-consuming. But before you do anything, you must make sure that it’s the right choice for your business. SEO Resellers Canadawarns that national SEO doesn’t fit the requirements of all businesses.

If you’re offering a localized service, then it doesn’t make any sense to veer off your local SEO strategy. Having multiple branches also doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make the switch. You can simply optimize your content based on the locations in which your business can be found.

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Always ask yourself who you are trying to reach. If it’s a national audience, then national SEO proves to be the best option for your business. However, be prepared for the challenges that come with the transition.

The Challenges in National SEO

One of the biggest problems you might face is how difficult it is to rank for your target keywords. Coming from local SEO, you might be used to rank your pages without much effort. But since your target keywords are no longer location-based, expect the competition to be more challenging. It’s easier to rank for “best seafood restaurant in New York” than “best seafood restaurant” alone.

And if you plan on setting up an AdWords campaign, you should have deeper pockets. This is also because of the more competitive keywords.

When it comes to link building, focusing on local links alone wouldn’t do you any favors. It’s time to think bigger and start earning links from other sources. Of course, you still need to focus on high-quality and relevant links. Just try to pay more attention to link diversity since you are no longer trying to rank for local keywords.

Summing It Up

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether your business is ready to make the switch to national SEO. The idea of extending the reach of your business is exciting, but the process doesn’t come easy. But if you implement an effective strategy and stay consistent with it, you just might see your website attracting more visitors than ever sooner than you think.