T-Mobile partners with CTIA to improve branded caller ID tech


T-Mobile has plans to improve its caller ID technology for businesses and organizations. This is a way to help fight off scammers and unwanted robocalls.

This was announced earlier today via T-Mobile’s website. According to the Un-carrier, they have partnered with CTIA to develop industry best practices for branded caller ID. Through this partnership, they will create a powerful tool that will protect consumers against unwanted calls.

Last year, a number of spammers and scammers were able to pose themselves as a legitimate business. These companies were able to pretend to be from insurance, healthcare, or financial services– such businesses that consumers could not afford to miss a call from. This caused a major problem for legitimate businesses in such sectors since customers would no longer opt to answer a call from someone they didn’t recognize.

And this is where T-Mobile’s new partnership with CTIA comes into the picture. Once branded ID is widely used, it will be able to display the logo of a company as well as the department that the call is coming from. These things will greatly increase the likelihood that important phone calls won’t go unanswered.