The Division Video Explains Enemy Damage Numbers

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The Division has four different damage indicator colors, which may have left some gamers scratching their heads. This YouTube video explains what each color really means.

It’s been a long road for The Division, but Ubisoft are coming ever so closer to the long-awaited release of the snowy New York-based shooter. The beta for The Division gave plenty of fans a chance to test out the game for themselves, and many agents met their match in the ominously-titled dark zones.

As players progressed through the closed beta, however, they probably noticed something a little unusual for a shooter: colored numbers popping up as their bullets found their targets. While the game didn’t make it quite clear what each color really signified, the Arekkz Gaming YouTube channel has provided an explanation video doing just that.

Arekkz Gaming has provided plenty of in-depth guides and videos for The Division before, most notably compiling all there is to know about the third enemy faction.

Here’s an in-depth look at what each damage indicator color means, and what gamers should watch out for:


When players approach an enemy in the game, a white pop up bar will appear to indicate the enemy’s armor. When the enemy takes damage from other players, a negative blue number will appear, denoting that they are taking armor damage. Once the armor finally gives way, the blue damage indicator will switch to white, and this means that the player is now doling out body shots, which detract from the enemy’s actual health. If the player scores a head shot, the indicator will turn red to represent the massive increase in damage.

Beyond this, some players may have noticed an orange damage indicator during their time with the beta. This indicates that a critical headshot or body shot has taken place, and it can happen to anyone regardless of how much armor they’re wearing. The chance of critical hits can be increased by equipping an active weapon talent or modification, or even by using the tactical scanner ability to trigger an increased chance of dealing out critical damage. As the above video clearly shows, the critical hits tend to grant about a third more damage than a typical shot, so players would do well to maximize their chances for getting them.

Players may get a chance to see the damage indicators once again far sooner than expected, as Ubisoft recently revealed it was considering an open beta which would hypothetically launch later this month.


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