Windows 10 Audible app snags latest Series Discovery feature in new update

If you like to listen to audiobooks, then one of the best–and oldest–choices around is Audible, the purveyor of audiobooks purchased from Amazon awhile back. Interesting, of all of Amazon’s properties, Audible has provided the best support for Microsoft’s platform, with excellent apps for Windows PCs and smartphones. If only other Amazon properties were as good.

In any event, Audible has updated their app, albeit this is a minor update. Here’s the only change:

  • Now you can easily discover and sort your books in a series!

The Audible app provides access to the service’s extensive library of well-produced audiobooks. If you’re already using it, then go to the Windows Store and hit the update button. Otherwise, you can download the app below.

[Source:- Winbeta]