World of Warcraft: Legion Release Date Announced

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World of Warcraft‘s new Legion expansion isn’t too far off, bringing with it new continent, The Broken Isles, as well as an increased level cap of 110.

Good news for Blizzard fans who still subscribe to the company’s popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, as the new Legion expansion has had its release date announced to the world.

World of Warcraft, which has been active since 2004, has had 5 expansions released in its 12 years of service, making Legion the 7th addition to the popular online game. According to Blizzard, Legionwill be available on August 30, allowing players to experience the new continent known as The Broken Isles.

Additionally, WoW subscribers will have access to the new Demon Hunter class and will see the level cap go up to 110, two facts that were revealed alongside the expansion’s reveal trailer last year. Players that purchase Legion will receive a character boost, allowing one character to immediately skip to level 100 where they can experience the new dungeons and raids set to come with the expansion. Legion also brings with it new world bosses as well as improved transmogrification and social features.

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According to Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime, the 7th expansion to the World of Warcraft will see players facing off against the Burning Legion as they explore the world and customize their heroes in all new ways.

“Legion opens a dark and thrilling new chapter in one of the Warcraft series’ greatest conflicts, and things will never be the same for some of Azeroth’s most iconic heroes and villains,” stated Morhaime.

The Blizzard CEO has recently been the target of a petition to get the company to allow fan-hosted content after popular vanilla server Nostalrius was shut down by a cease-and-desist order. Many fans believe that the closing of the server, which hosted over 800,000 registered players, led to therecent DDoS that shut down services last week.

Although subscription levels are not as high as they were in the past, World of Warcraft is still a highly profitable game for Blizzard which is sure to attract a lot of people back to the franchise with the new expansion’s release. Legion, along with the Warcraft movie that is also releasing this summer, are sure to cause subscriber numbers to rocket for a period so the servers are sure to be as populated as ever.

At any rate, Legion is sure to provide an interesting new challenge to Blizzard’s fanbase, many of whom are already heavily invested in their World of Warcraft characters. One dedicated player just reached the current level cap of 100 using nothing more than his feet and a dance mat, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see more unique playing methods making an appearance in August atLegion‘s release.



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