AMD Radeon Software Crimson GPUs With Low Fan Speeds Getting Hotfix For The Issue


AMD launched its latest Radeon software last week, introducing the new Crimson. The name is a departure from the Catalyst name many AMD GPU users have come to know and love over the years.

The new software brings to the table an updated user interface and the promise of better quality. With the release of this new software comes new drivers, but it would seem nothing much has changed in the quality department since these new drivers are not without problems.

According to a thread on Reddit called /r/pcmasterrace, the drivers are forcing some graphic cards to adopt a weird fan profile. It basically limits the fan speed by up to 20 percent, and as such is causing some systems to overheat during a heavy workload.

The extent of this problem is not known, but numerous users on Reddit are complaining so there is a chance it could be a widespread issue. Furthermore, others are saying the reduced fan speed and increased heat destroyed their GPU. Some users are unable to get the card replaced due to where they live.

Is this problem fixable?

AMD promised on Twitter to release a hotfix on Monday, but it remains to be seen whether it solved the issue.


In case it doesn’t work, there’s also a workaround. First, launch the Crimson software then navigate to Global Settings. After doing so, move over to Global Overdrive, and from there, navigate to fan speed at the bottom-left corner of the software.

Fan Speed should be on at this point; we suggest turning it off. Once this is done, the software will no longer have control over the speed of your fan. You may need to restart the computer system to kick things into gear.

AMD is known for creating reliable graphic cards, but the company is also known for releasing broken software and drivers. Crimson is designed to make things better, but for now, the old AMD is still showing its ugly head.