‘Fallout 4’: This Is What Happens When Dogmeat Travels Home Alone


In Fallout 4, whenever the player releases Dogmeat, the trusty companion walks all the way home. The thing is, during this walk home, what will little Dogmeat possibly come across?

As it turns out, Dogmeat could have a tough time on its own. It’s a dangerous world out there.

Leon Hurley from Games Radar took it upon himself to follow Dogmeat on his quest home, and what he saw was total carnage and madness. It proves that nowhere in this wasteland is safe, not even for a dog.

According to Hurley, he set Dogmeat free near the Minutemen’s castle and then followed him as he made his way home. During this travel, Dogmeat came across three Ghouls, and they proceeded to attack the poor thing. At this point, Hurley is watching the event take place through the scope of his sniper rifle.

You see, the goal was to watch, not to get involved. However, that soon come to an end when the Ghouls set their sights on him after pummeling Dogmeat to the ground.

The adventure continued and Dogmeat managed to get himself into trouble again by allowing himself to be seen by Raiders. Luckily, the player was there to take these guys on and quickly took them out of their misery.

The interesting thing about this adventure is the fact that all the way home, Dogmeat doesn’t run – he walks. It means that it took Hurley around two hours to follow Dogmeat around, and this is due in part to a number of times the dog was attacked because it slows things down. Hurley’s journey began at 10pm and ended at around 12am.

At one point during the travel, there was a Vertibird hovering above. For some odd reason, Dogmeat was chasing it, but the pilot must have panicked as he crashed the thing on a bridge. Survivors came out ready to fight, but Dogmeat was on them quite fast.

As we know, Dogmeat doesn’t kill – he mauls – so we suspect a companion such as Codsworth would fare a lot better by himself in the wasteland while on his way home.

At the end of the day, Dogmeat made it home safely, and the universe was at peace again.