GTA V Mod Adds 4K Visuals And More: Check Out ‘The Pinnacle Of V’

GTA V Pinnacle Mod_900x600

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V got highly commended on its own, but the recently released mod called “Pinnacle of V” takes it to the next level.

The massive game enhancer not only upgraded the graphics to mouthwatering eye-candy level, but improved the gameplay as well, in virtually all of its aspects.

What the developers of The Pinnacle of V – World Enhancement Project did was take the beloved game and rework it from ground zero.

Starting with the obvious, the visuals are sparkling clean and look realistic. The new, over-saturated textures cause the images to simply jump out of the screen.

Particle physics behave better and the combo volumetric lighting-smoke dynamic truly mimics reality, from exhaust pipes to rooftop chimneys. An impressive number of 4K textures can now be enjoyed in the game, especially on water, bloody stains and foliage.

Modders preoccupied themselves with enhancing the gameplay, and the Toddyhancer was a great example of that. Pinnacle, too, contributed to the complex gameplay from Los Santos’ world.

The weapon handling system feels more natural now, and it is scary good to see the recoil, tracer fix and reload animation that resembles reality so much. Those who actually fired a firearm will immediately tell the difference. Even the sounds of guns are improved, to increase the immersion.

“Bullets now travel at a realistic speed instead of being instant hit,” the developers point out.

The overhaul extends to the vehicles and population to better simulate rush hour traffic, thus making the completion of missions more time-consuming. Gang and police fights got tweaked, and so did the destructible scenery.

You can now shoot through a number of materials such as wood, plastic, and thin metal and you can chip away at hard surface materials such as concrete.

Top speeds and weights, alongside handling and evasion maneuvers for vans, cars, trucks, utility and transportation vehicles received a rework. Crash control and AI control also got tweaked.

“Finally you can drive around Los Santos in a vehicle that doesn’t feel like a toy,” the team behind The Pinnacle Mod says.

New challenges appear in form of accurate police patrols, both in cruisers and pedestrian.