Epic Fallout 4 Battles To Watch: Legendary vs. Legendary, Deathclaws vs. Brotherhood Of Steel, Raiders vs. Synths


Most Fallout 4 players have only just begun setting up their settlements in the post-apocalyptic world of the role-playing game, but a couple of gamers want to start their Fallout 4 experience with huge, spectacular battles that are sure to burn your PC if you tried them yourself.

YouTubers Tyrannicon and Cosmic Contrarian have decided that the best way to begin their adventure is with a radioactive bang. Both modders used Bethesda’s hottest new title to create epic non-player character (NPC) battles pitting all the Legendary enemies against one another, the Deathclaws against the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Raiders against the Synths in a post-apocalyptic war waged by humans against machines.

Deathclaws vs. Brotherhood of Steel

What happens when you put 1,000 dangerous, long-clawed mutants against 100 soldiers clad in T-60 armors and armed with energy firearms and miniguns? Total pandemonium, that is. You might think 1,000 Deathclaws against 100 Brotherhood of Steel Knights isn’t a fair fight, but the soldiers put up a pretty good fight.

The Deathclaws, as you’ll find out below, have a habit of throwing their foes up in the air, but we’re not going to spoil the entire thing for you. The only thing you’d probably ask more from Cosmic Contrarian’s video is a good musical score to keep the adrenaline pumping all throughout.

Legendary vs. Legendary

The Deathclaws and the Brotherhood of Steel are not the only Legendary enemies. For every enemy class out there — from insects to livestock — there’s a corresponding Legendary version you can fight. But while you’re probably still looking out for these foes, Cosmic Contrarian has already called all of them into the biggest battle of the one-week-old Fallout 4 universe. The Brotherhood of Steel Knights, which the modder describes as “ridiculously overpowered” are pitted in the center of the arena surrounded by everyone else.

Just a note, though, such an epic battle will probably burn through all your system’s resources. As you’ll notice below, the frame rate slows down about two minutes into the video. Nonetheless, it’s one epic action video you can’t miss.

Raiders vs. Synths

Tyrannicon, the same modder known for his Skyrim videos, has put together a man vs. machine video where 50 Raiders go up against 50 Terminator-like synths with nothing but their pistols and frag grenades. The Synths, on the other hand, can fight until the end even after receiving near-mortal wounds, even though their blue phaser weapons don’t seem to do much first. Obviously, we know who wins this battle, as those walking, talking bags of flesh we call humans don’t have much to win over a battle against AI-powered robots.