‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ Now Available For Pre-purchase As New Trailer Drops


Nintendo finally made the Xenoblade Chronicles X digital version available for both preorders and pre-loads. The release was accompanied by a new video trailer for the game’s official release next month.

On Nov. 12, Nintendo released the digital version of Xenoblade Chronicles X for pre-purchase from the Wii U eShop. The said game’s digital version will be accompanied by four loading packs that are promised to be handy for users, especially the Basic Pack.

The 2GB Basic Pack is rated as “very effective.” It contains the basic data, such as that of the most frequent terrain elements, which will hasten the load up process within Planet Mira, as well as the individual cities.

The other three, Enemy, Player and Doll data packs, are rated as “mildly effective.” All three will load fields faster for enemy data and player data, for quickly changing equipment and doll deployments load faster, too. Each the three loading packs will take up 2.7 GB, 3.6 GB and 1.7 GB, respectively. In total, all four data packs will take up 10 GB of real estate within the Wii U.

Bear in mind that the said packs are only available for the digital version. Those who are getting the physical game disc will need to individually download them. Nintendo recommends that players download all four.

Prior to the preorder availability on the eShop, Nintendo released a survival guide video for large Skell combat that was uploaded to its YouTube channel. Those who want to familiarize themselves with the gameplay and all the little info needed so they don’t look noobs prancing around and asking people what to do with what, will profit by watching the survival videos. At the moment of writing, there are three survival videos uploaded.Start with the one titled “Xenoblade Chronicles X Survival Guide: Your New Home,” which was uploaded last Aug. 31.

Furthermore, when the pre-purchase and pre-load availability was announced, Nintendo Wii U UK released a new teaser for the game’s launch on Dec. 4 along with advertising Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Limited Edition and Wii U Premium packs. Note that this trailer wasn’t released on Nintendo’s main YouTube channel, which is weird. Nevertheless, you can enjoy it below.