Ubisoft Has A Plan To Handle Team-Killers In ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’

"Rainbow Six: Siege"

Ubisoft will not tolerate gamers who kill their own team members in ‘Rainbow Six: Siege.’ The game developer knows that team-killing trolls drastically dampen the experience that the game looks to provide, and plans to handle them accordingly.
(Photo : Ubisoft | Steam)

One of the major pieces of feedback from the open beta of Ubisoft’s upcoming Rainbow Six: Siege is that the practice of gamers killing their own team members was rampant, which turned the experience into a much less enjoyable one for some.

Ubisoft, thankfully, said that it will have a plan in place that will handle the team-killing trolls upon the launch of the game.

A user asked the question through Twitter, and the response of the game’s official account confirmed that team-killers should think twice about carrying out such trolling activities in the future.


Rainbow Six: Siege is a tactical, team-based shooting game that requires the members of each team to work together to be able to carry out a variety of objectives. Some modes only provide gamers with one life in each round, and this is when team-killing trolls make the experience very frustrating.

However, while Ubisoft mentioned that it will not be tolerating gamers who kill their own team members, the company did not divulge any other information on what it is planning to do with players who exhibit such behavior.

Possible actions that Ubisoft can take include what other gamers do in response to such trolls, such as kicking off the offending gamers out of the matches and banning their accounts, either temporarily or permanently.

Ubisoft will need to have a good plan in place, as Rainbow Six: Siege goes all in for multiplayer with no campaign mode. Having no control over team-killing trolls will drastically dampen the experience that the game looks to provide.

It will not be too long until gamers find out Ubisoft’s plans though, as Rainbow Six: Siege launches Dec. 1 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The open beta of the title ended on Nov. 30.