Here’s a Fallout 4 Easter Egg Most Players Miss

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Fallout 4 companion and Railroad member Deacon has apparently been spying on players throughout a good portion of the game, as one Fallout 4 player discovers.

The game may have been out for months now, but players are still searching high and low for all ofFallout 4‘s little secrets. The latest Easter egg comes from YouTuber FluffyNinjaLlama, who has discovered a nifty little secret that’s been hiding under everyone’s nose this entire time. Deacon, undercover Railroad agent extraordinaire and potential Fallout 4 companion, has apparently been spying on players throughout a good portion of the game before they officially meet him.

In a Fallout 4 themed version of Where’s Waldo, FluffyNinjaLlama went back through the campaign and recorded all the instances where Deacon shows up. But what really makes this Easter egg great – and funny – is when FluffyNinjaLlama tries to talk to Deacon, and he tries to wave his disguise off every time. For those wanting to know where and when Deacon can be found before meeting him at the Railroad headquarters, here’s a list of known locations:

  • Right near Vault 111, he’s watching the player leave Sanctuary.
  • At the entrance of Diamond City when players first arrive, he’s one of the guards.
  • During Hancock’s speech in Goodneighbor, he’s in the crowd.
  • When entering the Memory Den, he’s in one of the pods.
  • When arriving at Bunker Hill for the first time, he’s a caravan worker.

As for those who want to see Deacon live up to his reputation as a master of disguise, check out FluffyNinjaLlama’s video below:


This is far from the first Easter egg found in Fallout 4, but the fact that players are still finding little gems like this highlights just how big the game is. In fact, during D.I.C.E 2016 last week, Bethesda Game Studios Director Todd Howard teased that there’s still a secret in Fallout 4 that no one has found, and that it involves one of the game’s Terminals.

While it’s going to take quite some time to find Howard’s little secret, mainly due to the literally hundreds of Terminals in the game, finding secrets in the Fallout universe is one of the series’ best and most rewarding features, especially if it means accidentally stumbling into a replica of Sam Malone’s bar from Cheers.

With Fallout 4‘s DLC expansions just around the corner, there is no doubt that Bethesda has a few new Easter eggs hidden somewhere. Whether it’s another connection to the Elder Scrolls universe, another reference to Alien, or another cheeky wink to previous Fallout games, expect to sink countless more hours into the Boston Commonwealth when the DLC is launched.

Fallout 4 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


[Source:- Gamerant]