PS4 Price Cut Coming Soon, Suggests Retailer Site Leak

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Despite rumors to the contrary, console gaming is currently alive and well. Although the long term prospects for consoles are still murky, with PlayStation president Shuhei Yoshida even suggesting that console gaming is a constant struggle against obsolescence, in the short term PS4 or Xbox One gamers have some encouraging signs to look towards. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s sales figures, for instance, indicate that console gaming can go toe-to-toe with the PC market and come out ahead in some high profile cases.

One of the most powerful tools Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have at their disposal is the ability to adjust their console’s retail prices at any given time to help bolster sales. A leak from an online retailer now suggests that the PlayStation 4 will be doing just that, and sooner rather than later.

An announcement made on Target’s online site’s “Video Games” section currently displays an image that reveals the PS4 will be getting $50 cheaper in the United States in the near future. However, as it currently stands, none of the bundles on Target’s website are currently listed at the $349 retail value the announcement image seems to indicate they should be. However, both the Destiny andThe Last of Us console bundles are paired with a $50 Target gift card. Strangely, the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection bundle that is shown in the image is still listed at $399 and has no gift card deal.

Those following international gaming trends might not be too surprised to see the PS4 getting a price cut, as Sony has already announced a PS4 price drop for gamers in Japan during the Tokyo Game Show. In fact, Phil Spencer of Xbox fame went on record a few weeks ago saying he fullyexpected a price drop for Sony‘s console in North America, citing the newly rekindled competition between the PS4 and an Xbox One console that has made vast improvements over the last calendar year.

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That competition looks to be a driving force for the console market going into December, as Sony executives have admitted to feeling a little bit of pressure in regards to theXbox One’s impressive schedule of holiday releases, particularly in regard to first-person titles. Admittedly, it’s difficult to combat the kind of hype that a game like Halo 5: Guardians will inevitably have behind it, and Yoshida has suggested that the PS4’s backlog of exclusive games, likeBloodborne and Until Dawn, should be able to carry them through the sparse first-party offerings this year.





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