Social media: a waste of time or a place for friendships?

Twenty-five percent of the 12-18-old students surveyed by the Tata Consultancy Services’ Gen Z Survey find social media a waste of time. This was their response to the question “Have students ever had to delete their social media account, and if yes what was the reason?”

Indore tops the list of cities where students have stayed off social media, as they consider it a waste of time. Nearly a third of Indore’s respondents recorded such an answer. Kochi was at the other end, with just 9% staying off social media for that reason.

Through the country, another 11% deleted their accounts because of instructions from parents.


On the other hand, the survey, in which six metros and nine mini-metros were covered, also threw light on the other side of social media. A third of the respondents said they have made 100 or more friends via Facebook alone.

Seventy-five percent of those surveyed said they made at least one friend through social media sites.