5 Bad SEO Habits That Kill Your Search Ranking

There’s no denying SEO has a history tarnished by bad habits. It seems like a lifetime since Google unleashed its first Panda update in 2011 – after all, six years is a long time in this industry – but how much have we really learned since then?

Sure, the classic black hat techniques may have been (mostly) wiped out, but most search marketing strategies are still clinging on to a bunch of bad habits. I hear a lot of marketers complain that it’s too difficult to rank in organic search – and I always wonder how many of these bad SEO habits they’re committing on a daily basis.

#1: Being a sucker for shortcuts

More than any modern marketing strategy, SEO is the one that demands most patience. It takes time to earn links from reputable sources (the kind you need to rank well). It takes time to understand what kind of content your target audiences need as they move along the consumer journey. It takes time to optimise your site to provide the kind of experience search engines and users both demand.