Competitive Dota 2 will see three new official events added to its calendar, beginning this fall with the Dota Major Championships fall tournament. Seasonal events lead up to the annual International Championships each summer.


“These marquee tournament events will see top teams competing at premier venues around the world,” the Dota 2 website explains. “There will be limited trade periods during the year for participating teams. As the Fall event approaches, more tournament details will be announced.” Additionally, these three “additional tournaments will be Valve-sponsored events hosted by third-party organizers at different locations around the world,” and participating teams will “be required to adhere to limited roster trade periods during the year.”

Next week, Valve revealed, Dota 2 will receive a “major balance update” as well as The International 5’s Compendium — the digital program associated with The International. Purchases of The Compendium earn players in-game bonuses, and a portion of the proceeds go to the tournament prize pool.


[Source:- In.ign]