Destiny Guide: How to Find Your Favorite Year 1 Weapons in Year 2

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Do you have a favorite weapon from Destiny‘s Year 1? Did you know that you can find almost that identical weapon in The Taken King, if you know where to look?

This week, Iron Banner has returned to Destiny, and this month one of the weapons in the loot table is the Iron Banner sniper rifle called Weyloran’s March. While most of the Destiny community is more interested in high-impact snipers à la 1000-Yard Stare, players shouldn’t write off Weyloran’s March just yet. That’s because Weyloran’s March is basically the Year 2 version of Praedyth’s Revenge, the sniper rifle earned in Destiny‘s Vault of Glass raid.

The appearance of Weyloran’s March this week was a reminder of how weapon design in Destinyworks, specifically that every expansion includes a near-identical version of another weapon from the past.

Love Praedyth’s Timepiece? There’s a pulse rifle in The Taken King with almost the exact same stats.

Year 2 Weapon Doppelgangers

The truth is that each weapon class has set archetypes, and many individual weapons from expansion to expansion have identical stats. Jon Weisnewski, senior gameplay designer at Bungie, is in charge of the weapon sandbox in Destiny. In October, Weisnewski was on Planet Destiny’s Crucible Radio, and used the Hopscotch Pilgrim (very popular at the time) to illustrate the point.

The poor [players] are playing 200 strikes in a row to get [Hopscotch Pillgrim] right? It’s just like hours and hours of grinding these strikes. When I’m looking at my spreadsheet, and I’m like “Dude, you could have just bought the vendor gun last season. It was the same stat roll. […] That Hopscotch Pilgrim is the same gun you have sitting in your Vault. Just compare the two and you’ll see it.”

Weisnewski says it’s an ongoing challenge at Bungie to communicate to the player which weapons from each expansion (or “season” as he calls it) are the same. He likens each archetype of weapon to a family, and once a player has found that family, they can look for that same lineage all the way through Destiny.

Weyloran's March

Until the developers find a better way to identify those weapon families clearer to players, one of the best tools are fan-created Destiny databases. One great resource is the Gear Compare tool at Using it, here are a few popular weapons from the past and how they compare to what’s available now.

Praedyth’s Revenge & Weyloran’s March

In Year 1, before Trials of Osiris shifted the meta toward sniper rifles that could kill off of a revive, Praedyth’s Revenge was used by many who were lucky enough to nab it from the Vault of Glass. With its high Stability and high Rate of Fire, it was a go-to sniper in PvP. While Weyloran’s March lacks a bit of Stability in comparison, that could be fixed by its perk roll. It also has the potential to sport the highest aim assist in the game with the right perks.

Praedyth’s Timepiece & Grasp of Malok

Here’s another Vault of Glass weapon—Praedyth’s Revenge is a high Rate of Fire/low Impact pulse rifle. Especially since the pulse rifle buff at the beginning of Year 2, pulse rifles have been sought after, and none probably more so in The Taken King than Grasp of Malok. With nearly identical stats, the Grasp of Malok can be downright deadly in the Crucible. However, it’s only available by grinding the Will of Crota strike, dropping from Omnigul.

These are just a few comparisons of near identical weapons. Others include LDR 5001 and 1000-Yard Stare, Hopscotch Pilgrim and The Villainy, and Deadshot Luna SR1 and The Inward Lamp.

This knowledge is important for fans to know especially when going into playlists with level advantages, like Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris, because it will enable them to find weapons they love at Light levels that can compete in those playlists.

This should be a bit of a comfort for players to know that even though many of their old favorite weapons will be left behind as Destiny moves forward with each expansion, they will always be able to find something new to fall in love with that feels almost (or exactly) the same.

Have you found any other new weapons in The Taken King that are the same as your old favorites from Destiny‘s past?


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