5 reasons your SEO isn’t leading to better sales

Like any other business with an online presence, you’ve probably invested heavily in trying to rank better on Google’s search results. On any given day, Google handles 63,000 queries every second. People often turn to search engines when they’re looking for something to buy or more information about the services they need.

SEO is an attempt to make your website or online portal easier to read for both search engine robots and human users. The history of SEO is littered with special techniques and clever strategies to gain an advantage on the ultimate digital platform – Google’s search engine. However, your investments and efforts in SEO could be failing to generate sales. The correlation between SEO and better revenue is not always straightforward.

Here are five reasons why your SEO strategy isn’t leading to better sales:

You’ve hired the wrong people

Considering the fact that most businesses outsource their web development and SEO, hiring the amateurs or the wrong digital marketing agency could be the primary reason for lack of conversion.

The barrier to entry in this space is remarkably low, which means there are too many agencies chasing your business. To get the best results, you need to take the time to do your research and find agencies with a verified reputation and years of experience. You also need a young and professional team that is willing to understand your business needs and react quickly when the industry changes and the SEO landscape is modified.

Lack of backlinks

If you’re managing all your SEO needs yourself, there’s more room for error. A lack of quality backlinks is probably one of the key reasons for your low conversion rate. Google will never rank a website in the top three unless the search engine can fully trust the site. Trust is built gradually with incremental backlinks from quality sources.

Your backlink profile needs to closely match your brand so that Google’s algorithms can pick you up as a trusted source of branded information.

Lack of branding

Branding isn’t just about getting the right backlink profile and creating awareness about your business. Online, branding involves a lot more. Clever online branding involves reaching out and creating a network of engaged followers on social platforms. This social proof can help you leverage your brand and boost your conversion rates. Another clever way to build a brand online is to associate your content with the most respected influencers andthought leaders in your niche.

You don’t score your leads

Finding your brand and website through a search engine is only the first step in a customer’s journey. A lot of visitors could spend a lot of time on your site without actually buying anything. This means you need to optimize your content and deliver relevant information and pages to the right visitors to get them further along the customer journey. Scoring your leads and categorizing them is an important way to improve conversion.

Outdated strategy

SEO is constantly evolving and Google’s search engine algorithms keep getting smarter with every new update. Your SEO strategy needs to keep up with the latest developments to sustain the link between page visits and sales.

With better planning and an evolving strategy, you can improve the return on your digital marketing and SEO investment with higher sales.