51% of D2C Brands Say SEO is a Top Acquisition Channel

51% of D2C Brands Say SEO is a Top Acquisition Channel

A report on direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketing in 2019 finds that SEO is a top acquisition channel for most brands.

When asked “what are your top 3 acquisition channels?” the responses were:

  • 61% – Social media
  • 51% – SEO
  • 50% – Direct traffic

Paid search came in fourth place (26%), and physical stores were a distant fifth place response (18%).

51% of D2C Brands Say SEO is a Top Acquisition Channel

This data comes from the State of D2C Marketing 2019 report from Yotpo in partnership with Magento.

Data in the report is based on a survey conducted March-April 2019 with responses from 512 eCommerce and marketing decision-makers.

When asked what their top priorities were in 2019, 35% of D2C brands said ‘web traffic.’

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Web traffic ranked as the fourth most important KPI behind conversion rates, new customers, and e-commerce sales.

Paid Search and Social Media

When it comes to paid search, specifically Google Ads, 47% of D2C brands say they’re increasing their ad spend in 2019.

Spend on Google Shopping ads is up as well, with 32% of D2C brands saying they’re spending more in that area.

A significant amount of D2C brands are increasing their spend on social media ads. In particular, 49% are spending more on Instagram ads and 52% are spending more on Facebook ads.

Ad spend is up amongst D2C brands in nearly all areas except traditional advertising such as print, outdoor, TV, and radio ads.

More Data

For even more data related to D2C marketing in 2019, see the full report contains over 70 pages of insights.