Congress, BJP Gully Boys fight it out in a rap battle on social media

BJP Congress Gully Boy

t’s the age of social media and not just variety, memes too spice up our lives. And it’s all the more hilarious when the leading national political parties join the bandwagon.

Keeping the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and probably also the demographic dividend of India in mind, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress are brutally trolling each other on social media and coming up with the most creative memes and parodies. Each party is said to have designated social media teams who create content for social media campaigning for their respective parties.

Taking a cue from upcoming film Gully Boy song ‘Azadi’, the Congress released its own Azadi song on social media. The rap slams the BJP and calls for freedom from the ruling party.

The film song takes a dig at the corrupt governments in the country and follows from the azadi-slogans raised by the then Jawaharlal Nehru University student union president Kanhaiya Kumar in 2016, for which he was charged with sedition.

The BJP was swift to counter-slam the Congress with its own version, giving folks a goal for 2019: “Congress se Azadi”.

Two days ago, the Congress also put up a crossword puzzle ‘Find Modi Scams’. It said, “#ContestAlert: Find 10 of the many scams of the #Modi Govt and get a chance to win ?10,000,” and gave a hint: “Visit”

Photo: Twitter@incindia

A day ago, Congress shared a meme showing Narcos character Pablo Escobar and captioned it “Chor at 7 Racecourse today. #PakdagayaModi.”