Rate And Question Your Codes To Know Tech Debts Well To Solve It

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If you want to know well about your tech debt then you must grade your codes on a scale of 1 to 5. If you see that there are more of 2s and 1s rather than 4s and 5s, you must consider yourself in a tech debt trap. You need not to panic if you find yourself in such a condition as you are not there alone. This is a very common problem with software companies as well and there are ways to overcome it. So, if you ask yourself some questions you will know more of it, the reasons for it and the ways to manage it.

About The Quality

Consider the quality of the code as it is and check whether or not you want it that way or not. Whatever the case, you must never accept any code which is less than 4 in any means, though the scale is arbitrary. You can also hold a discussion if there is varied opinions. This will help you to work as a team and in tandem. Ask the most rhetorical questions about the cause of the problem. It is basically the programmers that are responsible mainly for such technical issues as they put it in. So, step in refactoring tech debt is to accept and admit it.

Reason Of Such Issues

Apparently you may feel that since you have a good team of programmers, there is no chance of any issues to arise in your project. Working efficiently as a team and having the proper skills, you are able to produce good codes, then what is the reason it comes back to you as tech debts. The reason may be the broken windows in it. Introduction of new code reviews and pair programming can stop these broken window syndromes. This will help you to keep a check on the performance and functionality of your codes and detect problems, if any, as soon as it occurs.

Pressure Is A Reason

Ask whether or not your team is under constant pressure to deliver codes at the shortest possible time. If it is so, then it is obvious that it will tell on your quality as there will be fewer reviews on it. Do a cause and effect analysis and find out where from the actual pressure coming. You will be able to draw a chain of pressure to arrive at the root cause of it. Sometimes, in order to make the stakeholders happy, programmers deliver codes at the earliest. This causes internal pressure as well.

Stop The Practice

It is the most important thing to decide whether or not you want to stop writing crappy codes. If you want it to stop then the solution is simple, as you being the programmer who created it, you are the best person who can solve it. If you continue with crappy codes, it will affect your development process in ways more than one and push you into further debt trap. You can check onlineto know more about the consequences of bad codes. As there is no business sensibility in it, you must stop practicing and producing defective codes under pressure.

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